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Welcome to the International Safety Conference 2020

The international safety conference is one of the “must attend” events for Health, Safety, Security and Environmental professionals worldwide. One of the objectives of this conference is to save lives by promoting safety and health through education and providing occupational safety information for employees of various industries.

The conference is open to all professionals interested in Health, Safety, Security and Environment, also for people looking for affordable ways to improve safety in their organisation; you do not want to miss this BIG event. The Conference will offer a variety of educational and networking opportunities and a chance to view new products and ideas needed to resolve safety related challenges. You are guaranteed to leave the conference inspired with new insights needed to improve your career and organisational safety programmes.


With the recent outbreak of Coronavius, which made businesses to be shut-down for some months now before it had started to be gradually relaxed in some parts of the globe, OSHAssociation- UK thought it would be quite pertinent at this time to prepare for some upcoming challenges to curtail further spread further spread of the virus.

Hence, the International Safety Conference 2020 & Induction of New Members of OSHAssociation with the theme “Providing OSH Information for Workplace Safety amidst COVID-19” which is a platform were the safety, health and environmental issues affecting every country and individual will be discussed, thereby providing adequate measures to prevent any health and safety hazards in our various homes and workplaces.

This year’s event will feature prominent speakers from a range of different sectors to discuss the impact of globalization on occupational safety and how to create a healthier and safer workplace to meet global best practices.

The demands of new technologies and growing economies have led to the globalization of manufacturing, assembly and service industries. The globalization of the workplace and the multi-national configuration of organizations have created an environment for personnel and managers of constant change within the area of occupational and environmental health in which safety, human factors and ergonomics play vital roles.

Benefits / Reasons why you should attend

Education and Learning: The key part of our conference is the return of investment that our delegates benefit from and each presentation is specifically targeted to the theme of the conference. We guarantee that every participant will gain new knowledge that will help make a safer workplace.

Business Expansion and Networking Opportunities: Delegates from various organizations and sectors come together to discuss experiences, opportunities and make valuable contacts for growth.

Encourage and Motivate Participants: The speakers will inspire and motivate participants who are enthusiastic about making a safer workplace, by exposing them to additional resources.

Develop New Skills: Participants will learn from the top HSE leading professionals, about their experiences, successful projects and why workplace safety is everyone’s responsibility.

Gather Useful Information: With power packed conference, you can collect everything you need from the latest materials, brochures, research and more at the conference.

You Gain More Knowledge: At our conference (s), everyone learns something valuable enough to save lives, and how to do their job well. They also learn from different safety professionals in various fields.

For The Purpose Of Networking: Apparently, everyone attends conferences to build up a network, therefore, if you show up willing to talk to new people, you’ll meet others eager to do same.

Theme: Implementing safety culture strategies into the workplace.

DATE: 28 September, 2020.   TIME: 3pm (UK time).   VENUE: Live On Zoom

Running together with United Nations International Day for Accessing Information.

In order to raise cognisance the importance of universal access to information, the United Nations (UN) General Assembly has declared 28 September as the International Day for Universal Access to Information. Universal access to information means that everyone has the right to seek, receive and impart information. Therefore, OSHAssociation theme for this year’s universal day access to information “Providing OSH Information for Workplace Safety Amidst COVID-19”.

The International Safety Conference is a platform were occupational safety, health, security and environmental issues affecting every country and industries will be discussed, thereby providing adequate measures to preventing workplace incidence.

This conference will feature prominent speakers and major stakeholders from over 15 countries to discuss and proffer solutions to challenging issues in occupational safety and health.

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