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Zogbeu Osee Goueu

Zogbeu Osee Goueu is a graduate of Higher Institute of Tertiary and Applied Technology (LOKO GROUP), where he majored in Quality control (Food chemistry); and he has sound knowledge and experience in health and safety management from different organisations he has been employed. Zogbeu currently works as the Technicien Controle Qualite / Laboratoire,
Sipro Chim, Cote d’ivoire.

Gohi Irie Zroh Louis Armand

Gohi Irie Zroh Louis Armand is a Technicien Géologue Catégorie M1,
RANDGOLD Ressources, Cote d’ivoire where his activity likewise concerns the exploration for mineral and petroleum deposits in the earth, and with minimizing the effects of human-made structures on the environment. Typically, Gohi has interest in building, thinking and organizing in many places he has worked as a health and safety personnel.

Marc Olivier Yao

Marc Olivier Yao is the HSEQ Manager, Puma Energy, Cote d’ivoire. Marc believes in GOD, and keeps thinking that every human being is a value. As an advocate of health and safety, his core area of concern is respect of all the employees’ welfare in every organisation such as their physical, verbal, and emotional well beings. “Everybody is equal in regard with all company policies and industry regulatories”, he quotes.

Jegede Olubunmi Cecilia (Mrs)

Jegede Olubunmi Cecilia (Mrs), the Chief Scientific Officer, Lagos State Safety Commission, Nigeria, is an exceptionally proficient, persevering and skilled individual with exhaustive comprehension of the wellbeing of every individual, security and environment. She has taught a large number of her employees on the need to cling to the standards of working cautiously, setting up all the HSE satisfactory measures to guarantee they are generally safe at work and can return home toward the finish of each work to meet their friends and family in harmony.

Kouame Carlos Anicet Kouassi

Kouame Carlos Anicet Kouassi is an expert at coordinating the training of personnel in key areas of safety such as First Aid and accident prevention. With his present job as the HSE Officer at Petroci, Cote d’ivoire, Kouame Carlos will always remain composed and in control when an emergency arises as pertains to health and safety of the employees in making sure no fatality is recorded. He is someone who is not slow in taking corrective and preventive measures.

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