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Kwame Agyeman-Budu

Kwame Agyeman-Budu is an energy expert with 28 years of work experience in the energy industry. Before his appointment, Agyeman-Budu was the Customer Project Manager in the Energy Service Department of the Consolidated Edison Company of New York Inc., the large stutility company in the US with over 15,000 employees and serving over 3.3 million electric customers and over 1 million natural gas customers. His responsibilities among others were to manage, coordinate, and provide safe, reliable, and efficient electric and gas services to customers. Agyeman-Budu’s years of experience in the energy industry cut across areas of Distributed Generation (Combined Heat & Power CHP), Solar (Photovoltaic), Advanced Battery, Windmill, and Fuel Cell Technologies, Alternate Energy, Environmental Audits and Monitoring, Environmental Risk Assessment, Power Plant Systems, Smart Grid Systems, and Systems Engineering and Management

Dr. Eberechukwu Lolly Mbanaso

Dr. Eberechukwu Lolly Mbanaso is a Medical Doctor by training and a renowned researcher. She is a dedicated Humanitarian and her passion for promoting health and safety in Nigeria made her to gain some ground in HIV/AID prevention advocacy.
She is presently a lecturer at the department of Human Physiology, Abia State University with a lot publications in both National and International Journals.

Dr. Essien, Kufre Effiong

Dr. Essien, Kufre Effiong is the Chairman/CEO of Safety Master Limited and a HSE Consultant with Seabird Environmental Services. He has over the years imparted the younger generation as a lecturer and facilitator in higher institutions. His experience in the Health, Safety and Environmental has earned him Fellowship of many International professional bodies including the Doctorate Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health and Safety, USA.

Ibikari Samuel

Ibikari Samuel is the Managing Director of Safelife International Oil and Gas Technology. He specializes in fire-fighting, height, confined-space and rescue services to the oil and gas, defence and mining industries. He has vast knowledge in promoting safety, provision of life support, rescue and asset protection solutions

Patani, Dudutari Edmund

Patani, Dudutari Edmund is a high-profile safety professional with expertise on Environmental Toxicology. He has over the years used his expertise to effectively drive the Health, Safety and Environment sector. He has huge experience in Environmental toxicology and pollution control, Environmental remediation (Bioremediation), Waste management, Supervision of HSE critical activities. He is presently lecturing at the Bayelsa Medical University, Yenagoa.

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